How Low Testosterone Affects The Body

Today, 25% of men over the age 30 have low testosterone. Learn how low testosterone affects the body, and see if you are one of the 25%.

The good news is that low testosterone is very easy to fix, as long as you are armed with insider information that very few doctors know.

Take a look at the following presentation to learn more.

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Important Hormones for Aging Men

Testosterone and estradiol are not the only important hormones for aging men, that we should be worried about. Another hormone, one that is very important for our health and cannot survive without, is cortisol, produced by the adrenal glands.

Cortisol is our primal stress hormone. When it’s released in our blood system, it reduces some bodily functions such as digestion and metabolism. Instead other functions like our muscles is put on high alert. This was great back in Homo Sapiens early days when we were chased by a Sabre-Toothed Tiger. But maybe not always so great for the modern man. And definitely not when we’re talking chronic stress. Stress can even kill you.

A fitness site for people over the age of 40 has a great primer on the most important hormones for aging men:

Hormones are molecules we have in our blood system. Our organs use them to regulate our physiology and behavior. You can say they are like signals the body can use to change the state of things.

But incorrect hormone levels in our blood could cause all sorts of issues. Weight gains could be one of them. Here I’ll talk about two hormones that are very important when it comes to weight control – Testosterone and Cortisol.

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Most Important Hormones For Aging Men


Show Me The Lab Numbers

If I am advising on TRT and its benefits, then I must show you my own lab reports. So, here it is:

Before TRT

Before starting TRT, my testosterone was 322:

My estradiol was also low. This meant my HPTA system was broken and not working properly to create enough of both testosterone and estrogen to lead a healthy life.

After a year of being put on the gels, my testosterone was still low:

It only went up from 322 to 392, and my free testosterone was at the bottom of the range. My estradiol was still low, albeit a bit higher at 13. Ideal estradiol ranges for men is 20 to 30 pg/ml.

After TRT

Although I had been on the gels, I’m not counting the days before my first injection as TRT.

The following results were taken 1 month after my first injection.

My testosterone shot up to 751, while my free testosterone moved to the upper area of the range at 22.8. My estradiol went up to 30.5, which is close to the ideal range.

After another year and half of TRT, my testosterone continued to stay high. I also added 0.25 mg of anastrozole every week or two. I’m an anastrozole over-responder, so I only need very little amounts to keep my estradiol under control

I’m feeling all the benefits listed on my front page — gains in the gym, no erectile dysfunction, high energy and strength levels, better focus and clarity, and an overall improved sense of well being.

Life is good.


Your Government Is Ignoring The Rising Male Infertility Epidemic

The sperm density of American males may be declining at a rate of 1.5 percent per year. Yet even amid an historic expansion of government’s role in health care, male infertility has merited little discussion in mainstream discourse. Federal and state governments are conspicuously absent in identifying the drivers of male infertility. Nor are they facilitating access to many of the most promising therapies.

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Natural Estrogen Blockers for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The following is a guest post from Alex Eriksson, the founder of Anabolic Health.

All men want to stay at their peak performance forever. However, as the body age, men’s testosterone levels naturally decrease, causing estrogen to increase. This causes different degrees of hormonal imbalance in the body which can give rise to many health problems.

Testosterone is very important – it is what makes men masculine. Factors such as aging, environmental and nutritional toxins, inadequate sleep, stress and poor diet may lead to decreased testosterone levels.

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How To Find Cheap Testosterone Injections

Some doctors charge hundreds of dollars for a consult that does not give you a tenth of the information covered in my book. They tend to get lost into complicated body mechanisms and because they need to service their medical school debts, they charge outrageous amounts of money to give advice that can be obtained in a $10 ebook like mine, and that’s if they’re honest or have an open mind. You’d be surprised how many doctors out there aren’t! Madness, isn’t it?

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Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Read below to learn the benefits of testosterone injections administered safely and in controlled doses. When you have low testosterone, you are not performing at your fullest potential. Not professionally, not athletically, not sexually, and and not socially. You may be fatigued, have low libido, sleep deprived, and carrying extra fat. In which case, you will benefit from TRT under supervision by a doctor, as I have in ways listed below.

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Is Testosterone Therapy Safe Long Term?

In this post I list the most common reasons why men don’t opt for TRT even if it is precisely what they need the most.

Top Six Concerns About TRT

Here are the top six concerns about TRT I hear from men:

1. What if I want kids? Will I lose fertility on TRT?

If done properly, no. It is true that using testosterone alone may reduce sperm count by shutting the HPTA system down.

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Lower Testosterone Boosts Prostate Cancer Risk

Wait a minute?! Doesn’t testosterone cause prostate cancer? WRONG again. I also blow that myth to smithereens in Part 3 of my book. In fact, the lower your testosterone levels are, the higher your risk for prostate cancer actually is. We are only beginning to understand the link between low testosterone and prostate cancer.

Recent studies debunk the long-standing testosterone-causes-prostate-cancer myth that the the medical community took for granted.

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Erectile Dysfunction Is The First Warning Sign of Heart Disease

Yep, that’s right. Now you might have heard this myth that testosterone increases the risk of heart attacks. WRONG. I completely blow that myth apart in Part 3 of my book. The longer your testosterone remains low, the higher your risk of heart attacks climbs every year. Erectile dysfunction with low testosterone is actually the first sign of heart disease.

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